01. The [reality] of child abuse is that it most often occurs at the hands of a parent or close relative.
02. When thinking about your goals for learning English, it is important to have goals which are [realistically] achievable; otherwise, you may get discouraged.
03. They look like they are doing okay, but in [reality] they are having a lot of problems.
04. He used drugs to escape the sad [reality] of his life.
05. Children in some of our remote northern communities have taken to sniffing gasoline to escape the harsh [reality] of a life of poverty and isolation.
06. Frank looks quite old, but in [reality] the guy is only about 50.
07. Police are constantly fighting against the drug trade, but the [reality] is that the majority of people in this country favor the legalization of marijuana.
08. [Reality] television shows, such as "Survivor," have become very popular recently.
09. I saw some graffiti once which said that [reality] is for people who can't handle drugs.
10. Karl Marx argued that man found only his own reflection in the fantastic [reality] of heaven, where he sought a supernatural being.
11. Someone once said that success is a dream turned into [reality].
12. Studies show that approximately 40 percent of Americans believe they have food allergies, while in [reality], fewer than 1 percent have true allergies.
13. Your chances for success in learning a second language are vastly improved if you set [realistic] goals for yourself.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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